Assigning lessons

When you create a class, the class is automatically assigned How to Writelike, so you can get started with it straight away. You can find other lessons in Lessons.

The lesson library lets you browse lessons by topic, or search for specific lessons.

  • You can preview lessons by opening them from the lesson library.
  • Assign a lesson to a class so students can work through it, save their responses, and use peer feedback tools. 
  • You can assign the same lesson to multiple classes. (Each assignment represents a fresh copy of the lesson.)
  • You cannot assign a lesson to the same class multiple times

While viewing a lesson in the lesson library, you can choose to assign it. When you click the 'Assign lesson' button, you will be asked to select which classes you want to assign the lesson to.

If previewing a lesson, the 'Assign lesson' button will appear at the top of the lesson page.

As long as you are using the same device and browser, any responses you write in lessons will be "saved"—they should be there when you return to the page (unless you've been using incognito mode or clear your browser cache).

Teacher accounts cannot currently submit responses—meaning anything you write won't appear in response feeds or Wrotevote.

If you need a way to permanently save your own writing so that it's accessible across multiple devices, you could either:

  • Create a student account and join any clases where you want to save your own writing.
  • Save your writing outside of the Writelike platform, e.g. in a word processor or notebook.

Students can complete the same lesson in different classes without any issue.

However, if a student needs to repeat a lesson in the same class, it can only be done by over-writing the existing lesson.

  • If the student's prior work in the lesson isn't worth preserving, then there's no problem—they can just type over their old responses.
  • If you or the student want to preserve the prior work, then either/both of you should export it. Students can export their responses from the My responses view in their class. Teachers can export responses for the whole class from the Responses view, or for a specific student from the Members view, when managing a class.

You can delete a lesson from the Assigned lessons view by clicking into a lesson's settings and selecting delete lesson from class.


If you delete a lesson from a class, all the responses will be deleted as well!

Download any responses you want to save by going to Responses and clicking Download class responses.