Creating Classes and Students

If you are teaching a class or tutoring students and you want to:

  • assign lessons
  • review saved work, and
  • use peer feedback features such as Wrotevote

—then you need to create a class.

My Classes displays all classes you moderate.

Screenshot of My Classes showing a list of classes

From this page you can:

  • Create a new class.
  • Manage an existing class (including members, settings, reporting, and lessons).

You can create as many classes as you want, and your classes can have any number of students.

Once you've made a class, give your students the class code.

Students new to Writelike and Frankenstories enter this code when they register. They will automatically be added to the class they register with.

The register student form has a field for the 6-digit alphanumeric class code

Students who already have a Writelike or Frankenstories account can join new classes from their My classes page using the class code.

The student My Classes page has a join class button at the top right of the class list

There is no limit to how many classes an individual student can join.

When students register, they will be given a unique 6-digit student login code (S-XXXXXX). Encourage your students to note down their code so that they can easily log into the platform.

If you need to remind a student of their login code, you can find it in the Students or Members view. 

If a student's personal login code has been shared by accident, you can regenerate it by going to Update details in the Students or Members view.

You can find the update details button when viewing an individual student from the students view

To regenerate the class code, go to the Update details view in the class you want to manage, and click the button to regenerate the code. Students who have already joined the class won't be affected, but anyone trying to join will need the new code in order to do so.

The "Regenerate class code" button is located on the "Update details" page when viewing and managing a class

If you need to remove a student for any reason, you've got a couple of options.

  1. Remove student from class. This removes a student from a specific class you manage. Any responses, comments, or Wrotevotes created by the student in lessons assigned to the class will be permanently deleted. Responses in class Frankenstories games will remain associated with the student's account (i.e. they will be able to view any class games they have participated in). The student may rejoin your class if they have the class code. You can find this option in the Members view when managing a class.
  2. Delete student account. This will completely remove a student's account from Writelike. The student will no longer be able to log into Writelike or Frankenstories using their student code. All Writelike responses, comments, and Wrotevotes they've created in any class will be permanently deleted. Frankenstories responses in class games will not be deleted, but they will no longer be associated with that student (i.e. they will not be able to see games they have participated in, unless they have the story URL). The student may create a new account, provided they have a class code they can register with. You can find this option when viewing Students from the main navigation.