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Writelike takes the age-old practice of copying the masters,
and turbo-charges it with the latest in literacy and learning science.

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Difficulty: Easy

Use semicolons to express relationship between ideas, or to separate items in a list.

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Gothic in Deathly Hallows: Guiding the reader's eye

Difficulty: Medium

Use language to direct the reader's eye to important elements in a scene.

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Grammatical metaphor: Nominalization

Difficulty: Difficult

Recognise the widespread use of nominalization and verbal conjunctions in non-fiction writing.

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How does it work?

Read snippets

Read snippets

Read short snippets of authentic text. Whatever you want, from science fiction to legal papers.

Read snippets

Find patterns

From close reading of snippets and examples, learn to identify patterns of function and meaning.

Read snippets

Write your own

Write your own version of the snippet, using the author’s text patterns but your content.

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It’s easy to create classes and invite students using Writelike groups. Quickly assign lessons and drills, check student work and provide feedback. You can even let students comment on each other’s work using the peer review system.

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Writelike contains a growing library of lessons on all sorts of writing, and provides authoring tools so you can create your own lessons using whatever text you like.

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Eventually we’ll have to figure out a way for Writelike to pay for itself, but right now it’s all free!