What is Writelike?

  • Writelike is a mentor-text modelling instructional resource for schools, families, and individuals.
  • It is designed to improve writing skills through lessons and activities in which learners review snippets of authentic text, identify useful patterns, and apply those patterns in their own writing.
  • It’s essentially an interactive textbook with some feedback and management features.
  • It is designed to be used from roughly Grade 5+ (10y+).

How do teachers use Writelike?

  • Anyone can freely browse Writelike’s lesson content, however learners can only save their writing if they are in a class with a subscribed teacher.
  • Teachers, parents, or individuals can subscribe to create classes, invite students with a class code, assign lessons, enable peer review features, and monitor progress.

Who provides Writelike?

  • Writelike is provided by Writelike Pty Ltd, based at L1/324 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Australia.

What is Frankenstories?

  • Frankenstories is a fast-paced, browser-based, multi-player creative writing game.
  • It is designed to improve writing skills through short bursts of time-boxed, competitive writing—while also being genuinely entertaining.
  • Frankenstories and Writelike.org are related services.
  • User accounts created on Frankenstories will work on Writelike.org, and vice versa.
  • When a teacher creates classes using Frankenstories Pro, those classes will also be available on Writelike.org.
  • When students register on Writelike, those students will be able to log into Frankenstories using the same student code.

User accounts

  • To create and manage classes on Writelike, a user must have a teacher account, which requires first name, last name and email, and have an active paid (or trial) subscription assigned to their teacher account.
  • Student accounts are used by students to join teacher-created classes and complete assigned lessons.
    • Student accounts consist of first name & last name (or alias) and a unique 6-digit login code.
    • Student accounts do not use email.

School accounts

  • School accounts allow schools to purchase and manage subscriptions for multiple teachers, and require a dedicated (admin or role-based) email.
  • Currently, school accounts must be created and managed on the Frankenstories website (and any actions will be reflected on the Writelike website). (The explanation for this is that we originally built the school account feature on the Frankenstories site, and we haven’t had time to replicate the school account interface on the Writelike website.)


  • A Writelike subscription allows a teacher to create classes, invite students, assign lessons—and it enables the students to save their writing on the site.
  • A Writelike subscription includes a bonus Frankenstories Pro subscription, which gives teachers access to a range of Frankenstories game features including assigning games, preset prompts, and response moderation.
  • Equally, a Frankenstories Pro subscription includes a bonus Writelike subscription—so if you have already paid for one, you don’t need to pay for the other!
  • Subscriptions can be purchased in 30-day, 90-day, or 365-day blocks.
  • Subscriptions purchased within an individual teacher account will "stack up"—meaning they will run sequentially.
    • For example, purchasing two 30-day subscriptions on the same day, as an individual teacher, will translate into 60 days of coverage.
  • Subscriptions purchased within a school account will run in parallel and begin to "count down" as soon as they are purchased.
    • School subscriptions act like "seats" from which teachers can be assigned or unassigned.
    • For example, purchasing two 30-day subscriptions on the same day, as a school, will translate into 30 days of coverage on two separate seats.
    • All school subscriptions will begin counting down from the date of purchase, whether or not a teacher is assigned to the subscription.
  • Subscriptions cannot be paused.
  • Subscriptions do not auto-renew.
  • Subscriptions are non-refundable. (However, subscribers can contact support[at]writelike.org for any questions or requests regarding refunds.)
  • Subscriptions can be purchased in a self-service fashion using a credit card and Stripe Checkout. Writelike does not hold any credit card data.
  • Schools can request an invoice by emailing support[at]writelike.org.


  • Writelike code, instructional text (including worked examples), and design assets are copyright Writelike Pty Ltd, all rights reserved.
  • Writelike Pty Ltd grants users a limited, non-exclusive, revocable license to download Writelike material for the purposes of non-commercial use.
  • User-generated content remains copyright of the individual users, however all users grant Writelike a license to reproduce as per below.

Use of Copyrighted Materials

  • Writelike reproduces images, excerpts and snippets of text from copyrighted works under principles of fair dealing and fair use for educational purposes. These snippets are intended to serve as mentor texts for educational, teaching, and instructional purposes within the website.

Fair Dealing/Fair Use of Text Snippets

  • Educational Purpose: The use of copyrighted text snippets on Writelike is strictly for educational purposes, which includes teaching, scholarship, research, and instruction.
  • Amount and Substantiality: The length of text snippets is carefully considered to ensure that only a necessary portion of the original work is used, respecting the author's rights and maintaining the integrity of the original work.
  • Effect on the Market: The snippets are provided in a way that does not substitute for the original work; users are encouraged to access the full works from authorized sources.
  • Nature of Copyrighted Work: Texts selected for inclusion as snippets are chosen with respect to the nature of the copyrighted works, favouring published over unpublished works to ensure a broader scope for educational use.
  • Attribution: All copyrighted texts are attributed to their respective authors and publishers, and such attribution does not imply endorsement by the authors or publishers of the Writelike platform.

License to reproduce

  • Users grant Writelike Pty Ltd a perpetual license to use or reproduce, in de-identified form, their user-generated content—in whole or in part, for any purpose, with no need for notice or compensation.
    • This is primarily so we can share stories for instructional or promotional purposes, and use data for product improvement purposes including collaboration with academic researchers.
  • We de-identify content to protect user privacy unless otherwise agreed.
    • There is no intention to claim authorship, misrepresent ownership, or cause harm or embarrassment to any users.
    • If a user wishes to be identified in content that we've shared, contact permissions (at) writelike.org.

Limited liability

  • Writelike Pty Ltd is not liable for any damages, including, but not limited to:
    • Damage due to loss of data.
    • Damage due to interruption of the service, whether through maintenance or technical issues.
    • Damage resulting from random or user-generated content in the game.
  • In any event, Writelike's total aggregate liability shall be limited to the total subscription fees paid for the User's subscriptions during the 12 months immediately preceding the date on which the claim arose.

Reserved rights

  • Writelike Pty Ltd reserves the right to delete content in breach of our terms of use, and block infringing IP addresses, at any time and for any reason, with no notice to users.
  • Writelike and Frankenstories are registered trademarks of Secret Bookshelf Pty Ltd.

Applicable law

  • These terms are governed under Australian law, in the state of Queensland.