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21st August 2022

Using Frankenstories to create competition flash fiction

From collective brainstorming to polished submission.

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1st June 2022

New lesson: Teaching with Frankenstories

This lesson unpacks Frankenstories in terms of key narrative and interpersonal skills, and shows you how to target and train these skills in class.

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29th March 2022

New lessons: Proofreading and spelling exercises

Minigames to train your proofreading skills!

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4th March 2022

New lesson: Complex sentences

Would you like some clauses to go with your clauses? Learn to layer more meaning into your sentences with supporting events.

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24th February 2022

Frankenstories updates: Art history theme packs and some improvements

Fine art, Fantasy, and Fixes, oh my!

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22nd February 2022

Lesson update: Visualising narrative point of view

We made a cute collection of infographics about the different types of point of view!

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24th January 2022

Frankenstories updates: New teacher panel

Control (and customize) the chaos with the new Writelike-integrated teacher panel!

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7th January 2022

New lesson: Narrative distance

Use narrative distance to immerse the reader inside the mind of a character, survey the world in a swooping bird's eye view, or go somewhere in-between.

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23rd December 2021

New lesson: Lists & hierarchies

1. Write to-do list. 2. Write news article. 3. Come up with cool sub-header. (Note to self: do not mix up 1 and 3)

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22nd December 2021

Frankenstories updates: New theme packs and more!

We've got theme packs. We've got Hall of Fame highlights. We've got a little robot who automatically schedules free-for-all games.

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