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20th June 2024

🎉 We have three new Writelike lessons on writing historical description

Teach students the fundamentals of describing history with our new lessons about art & technology, historical figures, and historical events.

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6th June 2024

What about violence in student writing?

Instead of completely eradicating violence, we can look at developing a broader palette of 'change' in student writing.

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10th May 2024

What to do about the Skibidi Sigma Ohio Rizzler?

It's agony whenever we see a great Frankenstories game derailed in the final moments by someone spamming the meme of the day. Teachable moment, anyone?

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10th April 2024

Going further with fragmentary details

By valuing fragments and so reducing the cognitive load on learners, you can build up underlying craft skills like selecting and combining compelling details.

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20th March 2024

New Alberta image theme with cowboy gophers and zombie cows!

We've been corresponding with a class in Alberta who took us up on our offer of custom images based on student requests.

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14th March 2024

Helping struggling writers by focusing on fragments

Schools value prose, but the freedom of fragments can help students observe, capture, and combine details and build a foundation for more 'complete' writing.

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15th February 2024

New Writelike lessons: Persuading with character, emotion, & argument

How do speakers use the levers of character, emotion, and argument (or ethos, pathos, and logos) to sway an audience?

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7th February 2024

New Dragon Images for Lunar New Year

We've created new dragon image prompts to celebrate LNY. We also won Best of 2023 in the Tech & Learning awards, and found some cool data from our archives.

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31st January 2024

New Writelike lesson: "Persuasive Context"

Since persuasion is social, this lesson is all about learning to read the room, showing students how to evaluate the speaker, issue, audience, goal, & timing.

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31st January 2024

New logical fallacies game prompts in Frankenstories

We've placed fallacies in a broader theme of evaluating reasoning, and made prompts students will find challenging and fun, provoking good post-game discussion.

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