Checkpoint review

Checkpoints are the Writelike lesson equivalent of a summative task. Most Writelike lessons will have several small writing tasks, but only one checkpoint piece.

When you review a checkpoint piece, you can:

  • Read the student's response to the reflection prompt.
  • Assign a traffic light grade.
  • Write a moderator comment.

Viewing checkpoint pieces

You can find all submitted checkpoint pieces submitted by a class in the Grades tab.

The grades tab shows you which lessons have ungraded checkpoint submissions, which students have or haven't submitted, and any grades you have already given.


Click on any student with a submitted checkpoint response to open it and give feedback.

Giving feedback

When you open a checkpoint piece, you will be able to see:

  • Source snippet
  • Student response and any highlighting
  • Reflection prompt response (if enabled)

You can leave a moderator comment and assign a traffic light grade. There are three traffic light indicators:

  • Good—this matches the pattern
  • Great—this matches the pattern, and I enjoyed it!
  • Not sure this works—doesn't match the pattern