We mentioned that Frankenstories can complement the work your students do in Writelike. Writelike is quiet and focussed, but any Writelike activity can be played as a Frankenstories game, creating a high-energy group activity that gives students immediate feedback.

Most Writelike lesson pages have an associated prompt in the Frankenstories Prompt Library and it's easy to spin up a game for your class. You can play with the whole class, in small groups, or individuals.

Prompts aligned with Writelike lessons will link back to the relevant page.

For example, this game used a prompt based on this page from the Goals and Motivations lesson.

A Frankenstory based on a prompt from the goals and motivations collection

Since students can only submit one response for each Writelike textbox, Frankenstories is a great way to drill specific skills, in a highly engaging and motivating way.