What is Frankenstories

This lesson is about Writelike, but it's worth briefly mentioning our other tool, Frankenstories.

Frankenstories is our collaborative online classroom writing game. Where Writelike is like working out at a gym, Frankenstories is like playing out on the field. Both are valuable, and the two tools complement each other:

  • Writelike is great for sentence and paragraph-level skills, genre conventions, style and voice.

  • Frankenstories is great for structural skills, fluency, creativity, flexibility, and collaboration.

  • If you create a Writelike/Frankenstories account, you can log into both sites.
  • If you create a class in Frankenstories, it will also appear in Writelike (and vice versa).

So you can use one or the other, or both, it's up to you.

  • Start in Frankenstories to build engagement and enthusiasm. Begin with open-ended games, then move to scaffolded skill prompts, and then, as students develop interest and stamina, incorporate Writelike lessons to deepen their skills.
  • Alternatively, you could start in Writelike to build foundational skills and use Frankenstories as a way for consolidation, reward, and practice with writing for an audience. The Frankenstories Prompt Library is full of preset game prompts aligned to specific Writelike activities.

Our Teaching with Frankenstories resource can help you get started with Frankenstories. We also have deep dives on how to use Frankenstories to teach narrative, argument, and persuasive writing skills.