Response feeds

On most lesson pages, the textboxes will have a response feed.

Response feeds allow students to see and react to each other's responses for an activity.

Students can click to see other students' replies from the lesson page, and can react and leave comments for other students.

When a student writes a snippet response and clicks Next, the response is added to the feed along with the writer's name.

Anyone in the class who visits the page can see the feed and react with a comment or emoji. People outside the class cannot see it.

  • When students click Next to submit a textbox, they are automatically taken to the next page. If they want to see their submission in the feed, they have to go back to the previous page.
  • Students can get an overview of reactions and see the most recent comment they've been given on their class overview page. They can also see reactions and comments for specific activities in My responses.
  • Teachers/moderators can delete comments from the Comments tab when managing a class.

As moderator, you can view and delete all comments from the Feed Comments view

Response feeds are good for informal feedback and reactions, and students will often use them to see how peers are responding to activities.

You could also set expectations for the kind of feedback you want students to give in comments, if you want students to be more specific or structured in the way they give feedback.