Writelike Jane Austen: Mr Darcy at the dance

Writelike Jane Austen: Mr Darcy at the dance
20 pages
Explore Jane Austen's voice and practice writing social observation from a detached point of view.
In this lesson we rewrite a paragraph from early in Pride and Prejudice, in which Austen contrasts the impressions made by different men at the same ball. We approach our variation in two drafts: the first draft focuses on structure (exploring Austen's use of symmetry and evaluation) and the second focuses on voice (experimenting with examples of tense, phrasing, and word choice that help create Austen's detached and ironic style). We also use this snippet as a keyhole view into Austen's world as a whole.
Lesson type
Detailed practice
Genre / Topic
Regency, Relationships, Comedy, Family, Juxtaposition