Four and a half types of sentence

Putting sentence types together

Advanced: Sentence types and compound meaning

What if we want to combine the different sentence types? Provide information and ask a question? Exclaim in surprise, and give a command?

Good news! We can create relationships between different sentence types using connectors, just like the ones we used in Connectors and an Introduction to Complex Meaning.

Here are some examples:

She had certainly made him open the gate for her, but did he think of the house and gardens inside as his own?

The Haunting of Hill HouseShirley JacksonSource

"Please step into your new home, and wipe your feet outside so no mud gets indoors."

The Bad BeginningLemony SnicketSource

Uh-oh, they'd looked inside.

Bud, Not BuddyChristopher Paul CurtisSource
No connectors for exclamations?
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