Four and a half types of sentence

Wrapping up


For this checkpoint piece, simply write your own snippet using at least one of each sentence type:

  • Statement
  • Command
  • Question
  • Exclamation
  • Fragment


You can write anything you like, but here's a snippet from Treasure Island that is rich with different sentence types which you may use as a guide if you want to.

"Keep indoors, men," said the captain. "Ten to one this is a trick." Then he hailed the buccaneer. "Who goes? Stand, or we fire."

"Flag of truce," cried Silver.

The captain was in the porch, keeping himself carefully out of the way of a treacherous shot, should any be intended. He turned and spoke to us, "Doctor's watch on the lookout. Dr. Livesey take the north side, if you please; Jim, the east; Gray, west. The watch below, all hands to load muskets. Lively, men, and careful."

Treasure IslandRobert Louis StevensonSource

And here is an inspiration image that you can use if you would like.

"Rebel T3i - soccer action" by digital4047 is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Consider trying one or more of the techniques we looked at on the last few pages:

  • Emphasise emotion and slowing down the action by using fragments.
  • Answer a question with a command.
  • Use questions to explore a character's thought process.
  • Create complex meaning through supporting clauses and connectors.

Or find your own interesting combinations!

Your turn

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