Four and a half types of sentence

Putting sentence types together

Answering a question with a command

This snippet is tricky because it has dialogue and action combined.

"So sending him off to middle school like a lamb to the slaughter ..." Dad answered angrily, but he didn't even finish his sentence because he saw me in the mirror looking up.

"What's a lamb to the slaughter?" I asked sleepily.

"Go back to sleep, Auggie," Dad said softly.

"Everyone will stare at me at school," I said, suddenly crying.

WonderR.J. PalacioSource
Dialogue tags and sentence types

“The door at the end of the corridor...” I whispered urgently, but I trailed off when I saw a shadow flicker on the wall.

“What’s wrong?” asked Cali, her voice barely audible.

“Back away, slowly.” I hissed back.

“There was another door leading out of the ballroom,” Cali said, grabbing my hand.

“Eternal life, or a lifetime’s supply of maltesers...” I mused.

“How much longer is this going to take?” the genie asked, despondently.

“Be patient!” This was my last wish and I didn’t want to waste it.

“I’m going to wait in my lamp,” it said, vanishing in a puff of smoke.

What do you think the effect of answering a question with a command is in these examples?

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