Four and a half types of sentence

Types of sentence


So far we’ve seen:

  • Statements that give information.
  • Questions that ask for information.

  • Commands that tell people what to do.

So what’s an exclamation?

Mmm . . . lovely!

Awful AuntieDavid WalliamsSource

Exclamations are literally things people cry out, often in surprise.

They're driven by a character's reflexes and emotions rather than their thoughts and intelligence, so they're usually very short. No more than a couple of words—often only a thing, quality, or words like hello, ah, or oh that don't really fit into a category.

A mystery!

The Vile VillageLemony SnicketSource


Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsJ.K. RowlingSource

Oh, Auntie Sponge!

James and the Giant PeachRoald DahlSource
Your turn
Are these really sentences?

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