Emotion 1: Emotional cause and effect

Checkpoint project

The trigger

In the next snippet, we have the trigger that kicks off the whole story:

However, one day, as Jade Dragon ended the rain and moved the clouds away from the land, she overheard some villagers’ conversation.

"Ah, thank goodness the rain is gone," one man said.

"Yes," another said, "I’m so tired of the rain. I’m glad the clouds are gone and the sun is finally shining."

Where the Mountain Meets the MoonGrace LinSource
What can we see in this snippet?

Here's an example using the same elements:

However, one day, when Mr O'Malley was fitting wastes to the exterior drains to prevent rats from entering, he overheard some students through a restroom window.

"This school is so sterile," said one student.

"I know, right," said another. "It's so boring. It's killing my brain. Where's the personality? Where's the life?"

Writing your own variation
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