Emotion 1: Emotional cause and effect

Checkpoint project

Assembling the ingredients for the story

Step one, let's brainstorm the ingredients we need for this story.

This story is about someone getting offended and using their power to get revenge. But the revenge is so dramatic that their friends or family intervene.

The ingredients we need are:

  • A main character with a job that has them serving a community of some kind.
  • A community who the main character serves.
  • A way in which the community can offend the main character.
  • A way in which the main character can take revenge.
  • Allies, friends, or family of the main character who can intervene.

Example ideas:

Realistic main character: teacher, cleaner, police officer, doctor, zookeeper, parent, friend…

Fairytale or fantastical main character: Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Halloween pumpkinhead, Tooth Fairy, wizard, superhero… 

Community: children of the world, kids in school, the local neighbourhood, patients, animals...

Allies: Friends, family, coworkers...


The offence and revenge depend on the combination of character and community you choose.

Your turn

If you've come up with a bunch of ideas, you need to choose your favourite combination. (For our worked example, we're going to write about an angry school caretaker.)

Now let's write the baseline section.

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