Emotion 1: Emotional cause and effect

Checkpoint project


The next snippet shows the consequences of Jade Dragon's reaction to the insult.

As with the opening snippet, we can describe this snippet in terms of baseline facts (about the new normal of the drought), with a trigger and reaction thrown in at the end:

Of course, that meant despair for the people on earth. As the sun beat overhead and the rain never came, drought and famine spread over the land. Animals and trees withered and died and the people begged for rain, but Jade Dragon ignored them.

Where the Mountain Meets the MoonGrace LinSource
What can we see in this snippet?
Tricky: Passive vs active!

Here's an example using similar elements:

Within weeks, the school was a mess. Toilets overflowed and carpeted the halls with strange wet lumps which seemed to crawl of their own volition. Rats took over the library and wolves took over the gym. The radiators turned themselves to maximum and ensweltered the classrooms until the paint sloughed from the walls. Staff and students begged for relief, but Mr O'Malley just ate pistachios in his office and left the shells on the floor for the roaches to use as helmets.

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