Emotion 1: Emotional cause and effect

Checkpoint project

The reaction

In the next snippet, Jade Dragon reacts to the trigger:

Those words filled Jade Dragon with anger. Tired of rain! Glad the clouds were gone! Jade Dragon was indignant. How dare the villagers dishonor her that way!

Jade Dragon was so offended that she decided that she would never let it rain again. "The people can enjoy the sun forever," Jade Dragon thought resentfully.

Where the Mountain Meets the MoonGrace LinSource
What can we see in this snippet?

Here's an example using the same elements:

Something in Mr O'Malley snapped. Sterile! Boring! Brain-killing! He felt his world collapse. Was his daily labour worth nothing to them?

Mr O'Malley was so furious that he decided he would let nature run its course. No more cleaning. No more maintenance. "Unstop the gears of time and let loose the forces of entropy!" he declared in a rage.

Writing your own variation
Your turn

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