Emotion 1: Emotional cause and effect

Checkpoint project

The allies respond

In the final snippet we change points of view.

Jade Dragon's behaviour is the trigger for her children's emotion-behaviour loop:

But their suffering did not go unnoticed by Jade Dragon’s children. They were horrified at the anguish and misery on earth. One by one, they went to their mother and pleaded forgiveness for the humans — but even their words did not soften their mother’s cold heart. "We will never make it rain for the people again," Jade Dragon vowed.

Pearl, Yellow, Long, and Black met in secret.

Where the Mountain Meets the MoonGrace LinSource
What can we see in this snippet?

Here's an example with the same elements:

This wasn't the safe and productive learning environment the junior caretakers had signed up for. They felt awful. Together they squeezed into Mr O'Malley's office and pleaded for him to let them return to their regular tasks, but it was like knocking on a closed iron door.

"We were the only thing standing between them and the apocalypse," he said. "And that’s the lesson they'll learn."

The junior caretakers met secretly in the supply closet.

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