Inspiration for the lesson

For this lesson, you want to write about the same characters and situation from different distances.

You can choose to progress the story as you write each response, or rewrite the same moment over and over from an increasingly closer distance.

But choose a character and situation you can stick with.

In this lesson, we wrote two series of worked examples.

Orc siege

We hadn't written a fantasy example for ages, so we used this image of orcs attacking a human city and gave the orcs a new name.

Orcs besiege a human city

(Ancient History by Mateusz Ozminski)

Military dolphin

The second series of examples was based on 'seaside town stalked by shark' type stories, but with a different vibe.

Hvaldmir the military beluga

(Hvaldimir the beluga on Wikipedia)

If you're looking for ideas, choose one of these images as a starting point.

Character walks past newsstand where magazines stare at them daniela-garcia-munera-newspaper1

(By Daniela Garcia Munera)

character chases gnome with potion through forest teo-skaffa-site (2)(By Teo Skaffa)

passengers wait for tram in deep snow valerie-zaslavskaya 2

(By Valerie Zaslavskaya)

If you know what—or more importantly, who—you're going to write about, then let's get started.