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Choose a new inspiration image below (or find/imagine something else), and write a short scene that transitions between levels of narrative distance.

  • Choose a direction: you can close in on a character or pull away from them.
  • Choose a smoothness: you can transition smoothly between levels, or jump abruptly.
  • Move between at least two levels, or more if you want.
  • Don't jump randomly—think about your intent.

Overall advice

  • Write paragraphs (or more) at each distance.
  • Highlight each level separately. 

Bird's eye

  • Describe a place, society, group.
  • Avoid individuals, and definitely don't name any characters.
  • Narrator can have opinions.


  • Identify individuals and groups.
  • Describe their behaviour.
  • Don't describe their thoughts or feelings.


  • Focus on one or more characters.
  • Describe their thoughts and feelings, but make it sound objective.
  • Describe their perceptions—sight, smell, taste, hearing.


  • Focus on one character.
  • Describe their thoughts and feelings, but make it sound more subjective.
  • Describe what is going on in their heads—images, sounds.


  • Merge completely with the character.
  • Describe their experience in their own voice, using the kinds of words and phrases they would use.
  • Avoid narrator opinions—the narrator should disappear into the character.

If you're looking for ideas, choose one of these images as a starting point.

Character walks past newsstand where magazines stare at them daniela-garcia-munera-newspaper1

(By Daniela Garcia Munera)

character chases gnome with potion through forest teo-skaffa-site (2)(By Teo Skaffa)

passengers wait for tram in deep snow valerie-zaslavskaya 2

(By Valerie Zaslavskaya)

Write a short scene that uses at least two levels of narrative distance.

If you're happy, let's wrap up the lesson!