Complex sentences

Adding more detail

Giving reasons

Take a look at these snippets.

What kind of meaning do the supporting clauses create? Is there a specific word that gives that meaning away?

Lorraine had to skip a bit to catch up.

Mosquito Advertising: The Blade BriefKate HunterSource

"I used it to hold fake flowers."

The Old, Dead NuisanceM.T. AndersonSource

The twisting limbs were worked into bridges to move between buildings and over waterways.

Augie & the Green KnightZach WeinersmithSource

They all give a reason or purpose for the main action.

Notice how: 

  • The verbs are all in the infinitive form (‘to catch up’, ‘to hold’, ‘to move’).
  • All the supporting clauses have implied subjects.
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Here is a situation in which this pattern gets a little more tricky. 

The snippet below gives a reason for performing an action, but the supporting clause has an explicit subject ('me'),

She motions with her hand for me to join them.

Written in the StarsAisha SaeedSource
Extra credit: What's going on?
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