Who did what how?

This next snippet has three elements. What are they?

Sajid scowled horribly.

This sentence answers the question:

Who did what and how?

What other sentences could we write using the same pattern?

Maria nodded gratefully.

My mother’s friend was about to leave in a complete rage.

Notice how the last one uses exactly the same pattern, but each of the elements is a word group instead of a single word.

Keep in mind that longer is not necessarily better though!

Write your own sentence using the person-action-quality pattern.

We can use a 'thing' instead of a 'person' in this pattern, too, just like we did on the previous page.

Koyasan's spine turned to ice.


Summer dragged on painfully slowly.

The supermarket smelled like ice cream and floor polish.

Write your own sentence using the thing-action-quality pattern.