Narrative Basics Project: Worrying about a friend

Worrying about a friend

Rejecting the reassurance because reasons

In the final paragraph, Annabelle pushes back on the reassurance.

Which, I feared, might itself be too much. Toby had been a wanderer. I expected he might right now be thinking about leaving our hills for somewhere new.

Wolf HollowLauren WolkSource

First she rejects her mother’s reassurance. Then she makes an observation about her friend (he’s a wanderer) that explains why she is so worried (he would rather leave than get in trouble).

I wasn’t so sure. Zhang was proud. To have been tricked by Luo on something so important, it would make him so ashamed I could see him closing shop for good.

I wanted to be certain like Lano. Kezia was stubborn. Above all else, Queenie valued obedience and any challenge to her authority never went unchecked for long.

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