Narrative Basics Project: Worrying about a friend



How do you feel when someone you care about is in trouble and you can’t help them? What goes through your head?

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Here’s Lauren Wolk describing something like that in Wolf Hollow.

I tucked my hands under my cheek, tried to picture the constable knocking on the door to Toby’s smokehouse, imagined the look on Toby’s face when he opened the door and found trouble on the other side.

“I don’t believe what they’re saying about Toby. He’s not like that.”

“Nor do I, Annabelle. But Constable Oleska is a fair man. I don’t think he’ll do anything but talk for now.”

Which, I feared, might itself be too much. Toby had been a wanderer. I expected he might right now be thinking about leaving our hills for somewhere new.

Wolf HollowLauren WolkSource

Let’s break this down and write our own version of this snippet, where one person worries about another.

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