Narrative Basics Project: Worrying about a friend


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That’s it for this lesson. Hope you enjoyed exploring the different layers of thought, action and emotion in this small snippet.

Stop and look at how the writer connects a character's inner and outer worlds, blending actions, thoughts, feelings and dialogue. It’s often subtle but powerful

Where did the snippet come from?

Cover image for Wolf Hollow

The snippet in this lesson comes from the novel Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk. It’s a great, intense story about Annabelle, a girl in an old rural town, who has to deal with a cruel bully who picks on her friend Tom, a homeless war veteran.

Where did the inspiration images come from?

Cartoon standing in front of a missing person board

This image is from Atey Ghailan, an amazing artist at Riot Games. This is part of a series featuring his penguin & corgi characters called Toki and Ulf.

Picture of an old homeless man sitting on a street with a sleeping dog by his side

This image is from Jakob Eirich, a freelance artist in Germany, who does great stuff with tiny characters and looming giants.

Cartoon painting of a Chinese shop with a man presenting a cake to a dignitary while a giant reaches from behind to steal it

For the first example, we used this image from Guodong Zhao, who is an incredibly talented artist in Beijing. (Check out his great series on lazy animals.)

Scene in a jungle of women and girls working in and around a river

For the second example, we used this image from India Lee-Crews, an American illustrator who does beautiful fantasy work

That’s it for now. See you next time!

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