Inspiration images

Here are a couple of inspiration images for this lesson. 

Choose one, find an alternative, or use your imagination. 

You're looking for a scene showing a couple of people and something that could be framed as a secret.

monsters and children

This image is from Alexis Rives, a French concept artist. It’s part of a world she’s creating called Spirited. Check out her other paintings in the series; they’re great.

Picture of four dwarves in the snow looking at a black rose

This image is from Kamil Murzyn, a Polish fantasy artist.

Before you start writing, think: what’s going on? 

  • Who has the secret? 

  • What could it be? 

  • What might they be planning? 

  • How might the other person react? Would they be happy? Sad? Frightened? 

  • And if the secret is a person or creature, does it have any feelings about the situation?

Let’s get writing!