High-concept storytelling in Gone 6: Ending big, promising bigger

Ending big, but promising bigger

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We've gone from...

"The whole thing seemed kind of funny."


"Life at Perdido Beach had changed."

...in the space of one chapter!

And it's obvious that this is the tip of the iceberg. 

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Tell me more about Gone (without giving away too many spoilers).

Gone book cover

Gone is the first book in a bestselling series of nine(!), by Michael Grant.

It's set in the fictional town of Perdido Beach, where Sam and friends deal with the fantastic events mentioned in this group of lessons and more, besides! 

It has drama, action, superpowers, heroes, villains, power struggles, talking coyotes, mutant arms... there's a lot to take in.

That's where we'll finish this course.

We hope it gives you some ideas on how to slowly build a fantastic world for your readers to enjoy.

Happy writing!

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