High-concept storytelling in Gone 6: Ending big, promising bigger

Ending big, but promising bigger


The beginning of the chapter started with a small, weird event which seemed silly and amusing. By the end of the chapter we’re faced with a school in panic and the idea that this event went way beyond what they’ve experienced so far, affecting their families, the town, and possibly beyond.

Just like the first episode of a TV series, the first chapter of a book should make you want more

Let’s look at how Michael Grant finishes the first chapter of Gone.

From the hallway they heard a rising cacophony of voices. Loud, scared, some babbling, as if it would be okay as long as they didn’t stop talking. Some voices were just wild.

It wasn’t a good sound. It was frightening all by itself, that sound.

“Come with us, Astrid, okay?” Sam said. “We’ll be safer together.”

Astrid flinched at the word “safer.” But she nodded.

This school was dangerous now. Scared people did scary things sometimes, even kids. Sam knew that from personal experience. Fear could be dangerous. Fear could get people hurt. And there was nothing but fear running crazy through the school.

Life in Perdido Beach had changed. Something big and terrible had happened.

Sam hoped he was not the cause.

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