Life at Perdido Beach had changed

Ending big, but promising more.

Life in Perdido Beach had changed. Something big and terrible had happened.
Sam hoped he was not the cause.

As a chapter ending, this passage is a classic page turner.
  • Things have become dangerous.
  • The main characters need to stick together and move forward.
  • A sudden twist brings it back to the hero (Sam) - why would he blame himself?
Like Sam, Astrid and Quinn, the reader will have theories as to what’s beyond the school door. But how the event has affected the world around them is yet to be seen. There are still short term concerns - their parents are still unaccounted for. This gives them (and the reader) an aim.
Why Sam suddenly thinks these events are linked to him is explored further. Without giving spoilers away, it’s part of one of three big ‘pieces’ of the event. So, while remaining small and personal, that single line hints at an even bigger picture, encouraging you to read on and find out more.
Can you find the same pattern in these examples?

River Ridge Shopping Centre was no longer safe. Everyone had been affected by something terrible.

Noah wondered if his dad’s experiments had something to do with it.

Their old life was gone. Maybe forever.

And she knew who to blame.

Write your own variation.