Where are we?

The story starts by orienting the reader, telling us:

  1. What the protagonist is doing.
  2. What time it is.
  3. Where they are. 

Slipping in some details about the science-fantasy setting also helps us start to fill in the gaps about the levels of technology or magic.

He powered down the security matrix and opened his window, gulping in fresh air, trying to cool himself. It was still dark outside. But high above the suburban apartment blocks, the stars were shining.

Can you find the same pattern in the following examples?

Biff opened the phase door with a snap of his fingers and stepped out of his cabin, tugging his boots on with a yawn. The orange light of the simulated sunrise streamed in from several large screens, illuminating the area. He approached the balcony overlooking the station’s hangar, and watched as dozens of ships began to fire up.

The engineer screwed the nuke into Vijay’s skull, covered it with a flexible mesh, and then told her she was good to go. It wasn’t even lunchtime. She left the apartment, took a lift to the underground station fifty stories below, and walked into the teeming crowd.

Jola replicated her favourite breakfast digestives and swam around the room looking for a quiet pod to enjoy it. The eatery seemed even busier than usual this morning. But beyond the communal living quarters, she could see clear ocean in almost every direction.

Write your variation here.