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Let’s pull all these fragments back together and see what we have. Here’s the original snippet:

He powered down the security matrix and opened his window, gulping in fresh air, trying to cool himself. It was still dark outside. But high above the suburban apartment blocks, the stars were shining. The sight calmed him just a little. He’d lived on this moon at the edge of the Aries system all his life, yet he never tired of gazing at the stars. They seemed so free, up there in the sky. Nothing could ever harm them.

He could hear the distant roar of starships, taking off from the spaceport. Soon it would be morning, and his mother would wake up.

Here are the examples we've been building:

Biff opened the phase door with a snap of his fingers and stepped out of his cabin, tugging his boots on with a yawn. The orange light of the simulated sunrise streamed in from several large screens, illuminating the platform. He approached the balcony overlooking the station’s hangar, and watched as dozens of ships began to fire up.

Watching the pilots glide gracefully into the air and out of the hangar never failed to fill Biff with a sense of wonder and longing. He’d been working on the station for nearly a decade, but not once had he sat in the cockpit of a starship. He imagined what it would be like to be out there, speeding and spinning amongst the stars, instead of serving up rations in the cafeteria.

The metal beneath Biff’s feet shuddered as the space station’s engines began a rotation cycle. With a sigh, Biff headed for the kitchens knowing breakfast would need to be served soon.

The engineer screwed the nuke into Vijay’s skull, covered it with a flexible mesh, and then told her she was good to go. It wasn’t even lunchtime. She left the apartment, took a lift to the underground station fifty stories below, and walked into the teeming crowd. Their festive mood gave her a twinge of regret. She had been on this planet for three days, and she’d grown to like it. The people were primitive but pleasant, the green sky and nearby pink mountains perfectly photogenic. But she was going to have to destroy it. In the name of peace, of course. But even so. They would all burn. 

A bleet in her HUD told Vijay that Hypertube D would be departing in 14 minutes. She figured she had time to buy a couple of souvenirs.

Jola replicated her favourite breakfast digestives and swam around the room looking for a quiet pod to enjoy it. The eatery seemed even busier than usual this morning. But beyond the communal living quarters, she could see clear ocean in almost every direction. Jola could hardly contain her excitement. Today was the day! Her transfer to regional security finally meant leaving the Neapolis Commune to patrol the wide-open spaces of the Tunisian Sea. While protecting their world from humans was dangerous task, the freedom it presented was exhilarating.

She watched everyone else finish their digestives and swim slowly off to work on the reef. Soon she’d have to report to her commander for her first orders.

And below is your version, joined together. You'll need to delete the line breaks to create a continuous paragraph.

Is there anything you want to edit? This is your last chance to make improvements before we conclude the lesson!

Make sure you:

  • Introduce where we are, using an environment that has science-fantasy elements but is also somewhat familiar.
  • Introduce the protagonist and explain their place in the world.
  • Have a sense of surrounding activity that is routine.
Delete excess paragraph breaks and polish your scene.