Science fantasy worldbuilding in Phoenix 1: Establishing norms

Establishing the Norms


A strong way to communicate the standard going-ons of a setting is to introduce what the routine things to be occurring around the character are. In the short snippet below, we get introduced to one routine that is exclusive to the genre, and one that is fairly mundane to ground it.

He could hear the distant roar of starships, taking off from the spaceport. Soon it would be morning, and his mother would wake up.

PhoenixS.F. SaidSource

Let's see what happens in the day-to-day of our example characters.

The metal beneath Biff’s feet shuddered as the space station’s engines began a rotation cycle. With a sigh, Biff headed for the kitchens knowing breakfast would need to be served soon.

A bleet in her HUD told Vijay that Hypertube D would be departing in 14 minutes. She figured she had time to buy a couple of souvenirs.

She watched everyone else finish their digestives and swim slowly off to work on the reef. Soon she’d have to report to her commander for her first orders.

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