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We've looked at how science-fantasy stories set the groundwork to help readers understand the setting, by establishing what is "normal" for that universe and its characters. 

If you're ever stuck for ideas for a science-fantasy setting, have a think about how you could turn your everyday experience into something futuristic. Instead of brushing their teeth with a toothbrush, maybe your characters zap their mouths clean with a supersonic wand. Or, instead of driving or catching public transport, they just get teleported from place to place!

Next time you read a science-fantasy story (or science-fiction / fantasy), notice how the author balances futuristic technology and magic with things that are ordinary and familiar. Do their characters follow routines similar to what we have, but with fancier props?

Phoenix is a novel by S .F. Said, with amazing illustrations by Dave McKean.

Lucky, who we met in this lesson, thinks he’s an ordinary Human boy… until he starts dreaming that the stars are singing to him, and he wakes up to find an uncontrollable power rising inside him. Lucky is forced to leave his home planet—Phoenix— on the run and in search of his father, who he hopes can give him answers.

The galaxy’s at war, there are deadly enemies among both Aliens and Humans, Lucky befriends an Alien starship crew and an Alien warrior girl who’s got neon needles in her hair… Oh, and he needs to find a way to save the galaxy. No big deal!

Where did the inspiration images come from?

This image is by a Hungarian concept design studio, Pixoloid Studios, and was created for the role-playing game Starfinder (Paizo Publishing). They've done heaps of work for various films, games, and animation projects.

The second image is by Bruce Brenneise, an illustrator from the USA who loves world-building through vibrant and epic (and sometimes weird) environments. 

The last image is by Nick Greenwood, another USA-based illustrator who works across many genres, but particularly in fantasy and science fiction. 

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