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Think about a good relationship you know that doesn’t involve you. It could be a friendship between two people, two pets or, like Storm Boy, a human and an animal friend. Observe them interacting (as long as you’re not rude or intrusive about it!) and describe their relationship from an observers’ point of view.

Almost all stories depend on well written relationships (but not necessarily ‘good’ relationships, because you always need drama and conflict in stories). Find one of your favourite stories and look at the relationship between two of the main characters. Could you describe their relationship in the same, simple way Colin Thiele does with Storm Boy and Mr Percival?

Storm Boy by Colin Thiele is a classic Australian story that follows friendship between Storm Boy and a pelican he raised called Mr Percival. The book concentrates on other relationships too - his dad Hide-Away Tom, their friend Fingerbone Bill, three rescued pelicans and the wild coastal environment where they live and enjoy a solitary life.

The story has been turned into a play, a film (twice!), and even a video game. The images you see in this course are from the first film version of the story.

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