Perched there heavily

The second example. Even though it still follows the ‘Character 1 action, Character 2 reaction’ pattern, the structure of the sentence is different from the last one.

Check it out.

If Storm Boy went swimming, or sliding down the sandhills, or playing on the sand, Mr Percival found a good spot nearby and perched there heavily to watch and wait until it was over.

Storm Boy(1963)

In the previous sentence, Storm Boy had one action and Mr Percival had two types of reaction. In this one, Storm Boy has three actions and Mr Percival has one reaction described in three phrases.

Even though this passage has an action-reaction pattern, changing the length and structure of each sentence stops it from becoming dull and monotonous. It’s a good tip for all of your writing; readers need this variety to keep them reading!

Here are some examples.

As Amelia looked through the clothing boxes, picked through the magazines, and found old toys, the black cat would take a step or two closer. But any sudden sound would make it leap and scramble back to a dark corner, eventually peeking out and shooting death stares.

If Xavier was eating, whether standing at the counter with a bowl of cereal or lying on the couch with a packet of corn chips, the crow would appear out of nowhere, studying the food with beady blue eyes, pecking at anything Xavier happened to drop.

Write your own variation.