Cruised joyously

New example, same pattern, new structure. This sentence even finishes with a simile (a comparison using ‘like’ or ‘as’)!

If Storm Boy went fishing or rowing on the Coorong, Mr Percival cruised joyously round him with his neck bent back and his chest thrust forward like a dragon ship sailing calmly in a sea of air.

Storm Boy(1963)

If you know your viking dragon ships, this simile is a lovely comparison of a pelican in full flight!

Here are some examples. Check out the similes in each.

When Amelia began to climb the huge pile of general rubbish to look for hidden treasure, the cat lost all pretense of cool and followed with its head craning to keep track and feet nimbly leaping from junk to junk like a goat traversing a well worn mountain path.

Xavier could be taking a shower before school, and suddenly the crow would land on the shower head, its claws tapping along the metal, flapping its wings into the spray like someone unfurling a paper fan in the rain.

Write your own variation.