Mr Percival followed

The passage starts with a quick, simple summary. Action and reaction.

Wherever Storm Boy went, Mr Percival followed.

Storm Boy(1963)

The rest of the passage gives examples of this simple description.

About your characters

  • They could be humans, animals, robots, flowers, robot flowers, the sun, or any two things that could have a relationship with each other in this action / reaction structure.
  • They don’t even have to be singular! It could be the relationship between: 
    • the wind and the leaves on a tree
    • a pride of lions and a herd of antelope
    • a gang of local criminals and a police officer

About their relationship

  • Are the two characters friends? Enemies? Strangers? Is it more complex than that?
  • Maybe Character 1 doesn’t realise Character 2 even exists! For example:
    • Character 2 is spying on Character 1.
    • They’re strangers sitting beside each other and Character 1 is asleep. Character 2 is reacting to the Character 1’s awkward behaviour. 
  • Their relationship could change as the passage continues. Follow Example 1 in this lesson to see how this could be done.

Here are some examples.

While Amelia explored the rubbish tip, the black cat kept its distance.

No matter how much Xavier tried to keep it out, the crow always found a way into the house.

Write your own variation here.