Memoir Basics 3: Adding feelings, judgments, and explanations


I waved at Dorothy

In this snippet, two facts are linked by a feeling. Without that feeling providing meaning, they would make less sense together. 

I waved at Dorothy from the bus. She waved back and then threw me a little kiss. I felt like I was floating the whole trip back to Coalwood. Jack had to remind me to get off at my bus stop.

Rocket BoysHomer HickmanSource

Notice that the feeling in the middle isn’t the usual ‘I felt happy’ or ‘we were angry’. It uses figurative language to make the feeling more interesting.

Here are some examples with the same structure and style of language. 

We watched Mrs McKenzie as her car followed the moving van away. She scowled at us and turned away. We felt like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz when the witch melted. Mum had to yell at us to stop dancing and whooping in the middle of the street.

I walked into the principal’s office. Ms Finch asked me to sit down and told me how disappointed she was. My stomach contents felt like they were about to escape and paint the room. I quietly asked if I could go to the toilet.

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