I got it, of course

In this snippet, we get three explanations!

“I got first game!” Daniel and I yelled simultaneously. I got it, of course. I was the oldest, and the oldest brothers get everything—that’s why we’re racked with guilt.

If you want to be really technical…

  • ‘I was the oldest’ is an explanation
  • ‘Oldest brothers get everything’ is an explanation for the explanation, and 
  • ‘That’s why we’re racked with guilt’ is an observation about the explanation for the explanation.


Vizzini’s final explanation is like a joke from a stand up comedian—it’s an unexpected turn to make you laugh. Your version doesn’t have to be funny, though. Just make each explanation build on the last. Remember to start simple.

Here are some examples.

“Let’s find the old hag and make her give us the keys!” hissed my brother. We didn’t, of course. That was my brother in a nutshell. He sounded tough and violent, but never delivered on it—that’s why I considered myself the brains of our family.

“Do you want me to ring your parents and tell them what’s happening?” Ms Finch asked. I shook my head. My parents wouldn’t understand. They would overreact and make a bad situation worse—it’s why I’ve always thought school problems should stay at school.

Explain a reaction to a statement or question. Then explain that explanation. And again.