You keep it together

Speaking of getting out of control…

“We’re going to bust open the candy machine,” the first one announced.

“That’s maybe not a good idea,” Sam said.

“You can’t tell us what to do.” Belligerent, but not sure of himself, not sure he was right.

“You’re right, little dude. But look, how about we all try and keep it together till we figure out what’s going on?” Sam said.

“You keep it together,” the kid yelled. The other one hooted again, and off they went.


If the two boys represent the larger group, we know the ‘stampede’ mentioned in the last lesson’s passage is starting. Tense!

While it was only presented as advice, Sam shows natural leadership qualities, though it isn’t heeded by the kids. The fact that Sam’s an excellent, though reluctant, leader is a recurring theme throughout the Gone series.

Can you find the same pattern in these examples?

“Yep. I reckon a TV’s good compensation for making us stand in the dark for ages,” the other drawled. 

“Stealing stuff? Really?” Noah said.

“Yeah. Why not? Someone should have paid their power bills.” the second one jeered. Confident. Full of attitude. Looking for a fight.

“Maybe they should have. But, if the lights come on, you’re going to get nicked.” 

“You get nicked,” the first voice laughed. They both chuckled, bumped into something else, swore, and shuffled away with their loot. 

“We’re going to do some looting!” Dylan said.

“Isn’t that a little premature?” said Trixie. 

“No way! You got to do it now before all the best stuff is gone!” Cocky, sure of himself, typical bro.

“Are you serious? You can’t just commit crimes because something weird’s happening.”

“That’s exactly when you commit the crimes, Trix. We even stole this car!” Dylan’s brother crushed his beer can against the dashboard and tossed it out the window at them, as Dylan sped off towards the mall.

Write your own variation.