We own the school!

Much like the passage in Lesson 3, a sudden event gets our heroes out of investigation mode.

The door slammed open and in rushed two kids, fifth-grade boys, their faces wild, excited. “We own the school!” one yelled, and the other gave an answering hoot.


“We own the school!” is a good way to link the boys to the larger group. Words like ‘slammed’, ‘rushed’, ‘wild’, ‘excited’, ‘yelled’, and ‘hoot’ suggest things are getting out of control. 

Can you find the same pattern in these examples?

A crash nearby, some shuffling footsteps, and the low voices of two teenagers came closer, sounding sneaky, egging each other on. “Get this through the door and it’s ours, man!” one hissed, and his mate chuckled in agreement.

A car screeched to a halt next to them. Trixie recognised the two dudes inside: the Garroway twins, who’d graduated last year. They were laughing wildly and waving metal-fingers while nu-metal-dubstep blasted out the stereo. “How awesome is this?” Dylan Garroway yelled, and his brother chugged a can of beer.

Write your own variation.