High-concept storytelling in Gone 4: Speaking for the group

Using a small reaction to illustrate a bigger one

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That's it! A quicker lesson than the other ones in this course.

We've looked at using one or two people to show the mob's feelings or position on a matter.

This is effective when:

  • your characters are away from the mob, but you want to remind the reader how things are going (which is what Gone's snippet is doing)
  • you don't want the mob to shout their feelings all at the same time, so the writer uses one or two to be the spokespeople

yes. we're all individuals

When you're out in the world
When you're reading
Tell me more about 'Gone' (without giving away too many spoilers).

The next lesson looks at the emotional high point of the first chapter of Gone (or the low point if you're thinking about things from the characters' point of view).

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