I can hear a car

The first snippet uses a handful of short sentences to create a sense of rushing, someone grasping for an answer.

Wait... wait on... I can hear a car. No, it was someone passing. Someone leaving the city.

Exclamations: Start with exclamations in a sentence fragment.

Alert: Set up the false alarm.

False alarm: Dismiss the false alarm.

Introducing a new focus: Stretch out the false alarm by providing a new focus (in this case, the city). Choose this focus carefully because in the next snippet you will use it to expand the world. 

Hey hey hey... who’s that… Someone is riding towards us. No, it’s an old man. Carrying groceries on his handlebars.

There! I hear a bridle clinking. Wait, it’s from behind the house. It’s only the horses nosing in the stable.

Write your variation here.