What did they have?

These three characters have chickens, doughnuts and cider. But what kind—and how much?

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Boggis had three boiled chickens smothered in dumplings, Bunce had six doughnuts filled with disgusting goose-liver paste, and Bean had two gallons of cider.

Let's write about three characters and describe in detail what they have. For a little inspiration, let's look at this photo.

Child's bedroom full of toys and cute furniture

Flickr Chelsea Ann

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Jessica brought two miniature farm-houses with a set of adorable plastic animals, Chelsea brought a giant bedside lamp shaped like a goose that lit up from the inside, and Marnie brought what they thought was a three-tiered cake but turned out to be just a stand for her toy horse. 

Write your own version describing in detail what your characters have. You can use the same photo we did for inspiration if you would like.