Science fantasy worldbuilding in Phoenix 2: Current events

Current Events

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Before we get the headline hook of the breaking news, the first thing we need to do is establish where we are receiving the information from. This means the method through which we are receiving it (which can be high or low tech), and who is delivering the news. It’s useful to hear it coming from a reputable source or important figure to set up their role in the world.

The vidscreens filled with an image of President Thorntree, leader of the Human government: a kindly but stern-looking woman with steely blonde hair.

‘I’m sorry to confirm that the Aliens have struck again,’ said the President.

PhoenixS.F. SaidSource

In Pheonix, Said uses this opportunity for exposition to introduce a significant character in the story (the President), and the main conflict (the Aliens). 

To interdimensional news now, as we live-cross to our examples.

The hologram receiver in the corner crackled to life, recreating the translucent blue form of Admiral Kane, the galaxy’s greatest pilot. Beneath his dusty face and thick, bristly beard was a beaming smile.

‘It is my pleasure to announce the commencement of this year’s expedition to the Dedalus sector,’ said the Admiral.

Vijay’s HUD flickered, went dead, and then suddenly sprang back to life. Executor Lubalin, head of the Convention, a man who looked like an outer wilds adventurer who had spent too long dealing with office politics.

“My apologies for the data hijack, but I need everyone’s attention. Ingel Snep has escaped,” said the Executor.

The nodule at Jola’s medical pod projected Grand Imperial Riju’s visage. A battle-scarred, tough old amphib with caring, fatherly eyes. 

‘There have been a great many deaths today,’ said their leader, head bowed.

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