Science fantasy worldbuilding in Phoenix 2: Current events

Current Events

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We've covered what's normal for your world (Lesson 1), and the current events that are taking place (Lesson 2), so by now the reader has a pretty good understanding of how your universe works. Using a news broadcast is a convenient plot device for quickly getting stuck into the action, while still explaining to your readers exactly what is going on. 

When you're out in the world
When you're reading
Tell me more about 'Phoenix' (without giving away too many spoilers)

Where did the inspiration images come from?

The first image is by Luke Oram, an artist and illustrator who creates works for fantasy, science fiction, and horror genres. He's also done lots of cover art for music albums!

The second image is from Pixoloid Studios, created for the role-playing game, Starfinder (Paizo Publishing). We used a different image from Starfinder, also by Pixoloid Studios, in the previous lesson. 

The last image is by Vlad Bolotov, an artist/illustrator/designer based in New York who also does streams on Twitch. 

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