Science fantasy worldbuilding in Phoenix 2: Current events

Current Events

The world responds

The start of the news broadcast gave readers an introduction to the main authorities or significant figures, and sources of conflict, in the world. As the broadcast continues, this is the opportunity to give some insight into the current status quo of your universe.

‘Aries One was a peaceful world, but nowhere is safe while they are at large. My government is suspending all space traffic in the Aries system as a security measure, effective immediately. If you see anything suspicious, report it at once to the Shadow Guards. With your help, we will defeat our enemies.’

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From this exposition we know quite a bit more about the setting - there is a war with the Aliens, how the authorities are handling the situation, and the general sentiment about the conflict. 

How do our examples handle this exposition?

‘Dedalus is currently one of our galaxy’s greatest mysteries, and no expeditions have ever flown so far. The Galactic Transit Authority have permitted travel outside the safe zone for the first time since the War, beginning with this voyage. Any captains or pilots that wish to apply for a position aboard the Ulysses IV, please contact the Travellers. This is a great day for opportunity, and a great day for humanity!’

“Snep is only one man, but he is the leader of a trans-galactic terror movement. While imprisoned, awaiting trial, we deprived his organisation of his singular genius. Now that he is at large, we must declare an emergency. You will find yourself receiving individual instructions, determined by the Machine. Follow them without delay. Your speed will save lives.”

‘All living things in the Neapolis Commune… no... the entire Tunisian Sea are at risk from these invaders. Today’s destruction... it saddens me to say... is beyond our capability to defend. To ensure our safety, I decree that we move immediately to the safety of our strong houses in the Terranean Basin. Seek your loved ones, travel light, and move fast. Our noble race is worth more than mere dwellings. We will endure.’

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