Lashed and tore

It’s not the end of the description. We now see how it affected our characters.

The waves came in like rolling railway embankments right up to the sandhills where Hide-Away and Storm Boy lived. They lashed and tore at them as if they wanted to carry them away.

Storm Boy(1963)

More personalising similes and metaphors with the storm. It’s attacking Hide-Away and Storm Boy, trying to abduct them!

For your writing, find a consequence of your weather event and show how it affects your characters:

  • In Storm Boy it’s the waves caused by the storm’s winds.
  • In the first example below, it’s the bushfire’s smoke caused by the heatwave. 
  • In the second example below, it's the rising water caused by the flood. 

Here are the examples.

The haze hung like a smothering grey blanket in the street where Amelia and the black cat lived. It gradually infested and invaded everywhere the sun couldn’t, as if it were a footsoldier sent by an angry orange general.

In Sandgate, the water rose like a bathtub slowly filling, first in the wetlands, then the streets, then under Xavier’s house. It creeped and crept around the steps like a cat trying to find its way in.

Write your variation here.