Narrative Basics Lesson 4: Speech and Dialogue

Speech as action


Sometimes characters tease each other. 

In this snippet, kids are teasing Mango Delight about her name.

“Hey, Tango All Night!”

“What’s up, Mongo de Fright?”

“Man-Go From My Sight!”

“Hey, it’s Strange-o Uptight!”

Mango DelightFracaswell HymanSource

Teasing is basically about lowering another person’s status. It can be affectionate or mean, depending on the context.

“Or are you afraid of little kittens?”

“No,” he said

“Scared they’ll pounce on your tail?”


“Terrified that they’ll bop your nose.”


“Then there’s nothing to fear from those little kitten lions."

“You’re not wearing that are you?” Tommy said, giving my outfit an incredulous look.

“It’s not that bad,” I said, subconsciously tucking in my shirt. 

“Not that bad?” he scoffed. “It looks like you went shopping at the dollar store and asked what was on sale.”

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